Quick Overview

Material: Hardboard
Thickness: 3.2, 4.8, 5.0 & 6.4 mm
Sizes: Various (See below)
Colours: White & Natural
Application: Various (see below)
Brochure: Masonite PDF

All Evowood Hardboard manufactured complies to the International ISO 9001 Quality Management System using eucalyptus hardwood chips. The chips are transferred to a refiner that grinds the chips under heat and pressure into a wood fibre. These fibres then go through another process to produce fine, uniform pulp. The pulp is then transformed into mats, which are held together with naturally occurring lignin, within the hardwood. The mats are then pressed between steam-heated metal plates to create grain less sheets with one smooth glossy surface and one textured/screen surface. During this process the natural bonding of the wood fibre is established. To reduce buckling and improve moisture resistance, moisture is added back in using a humidification process, where appropriate moisture content is added back to the board. Hardboard is an alternative to plywood where strength to weight ratio is not a determining factor.


Evowood, formally Masonite®, continually strives to protect the environment and to minimise the effect of ongoing operations on its surroundings. The Forestry & Manufacturing divisions carry the International FSC Certification.
Important environmental management projects include:

  • Management of waste removal to minimise environmental impact.
  • Reduction of dust pollution.
  • Effluent volume reduction through more efficient water usage.
  • Sustainable management of timberlands and compliance with the International FSC Certification.
  • Ongoing environmental audits.

Evowood is committed to the responsible, profitable and sustainable management of resources and will strive to minimise pollution, comply with statutory requirements, monitor objectives and targets in order to achieve continual improvement

Evowood,  formally Masonite®, Hardboard Standard is a high density product offering excellent machining and working properties. It can be shaped, bent, is impact resistant and will not split, splinter or crack. Hardboard Standard provides an ideal base for paint finishing.

Hardboard has many of the desirable characteristics of wood, without the grain structure and knots found in natural wood products. This means it will not easily split or splinter. It can also be bent, curved or moulded to various shapes and has good machining properties, nail ability and high internal bond strength for glueing. These important benefits, along with a high structural strength, good dimensional stability, durability, resistance to abrasion and a smooth surface make hardboard ideal for use in the furniture, door manufacturing, construction, automotive and packaging industries.

Standard White Hardboard

Long lasting & highly durable, Evowood, formally Masonite®, Standard White Hardboard is a high-density hardboard providing resistance to moisture uptake and unaffected by short-term wetting. It is pre-finished with two layers of high quality water based paint. Offering excellent surface glueing, it is highly resistant to scuffing & abrasions and will not split, splinter or crack.

  • Wardrobe and cabinet lining
  • Partitions and doors
  • Displays & signboards
  • Lining of stands
  • Cupboards & drawers
Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
3.2 2440 1220

Hardboard Stud Packers

Evowood, formally Masonite®, Hardboard Stud Packers are an adaptable building product used in assorted building projects. Hardboard Packers have many applications in the building trade and DIY projects.
Note: 3000 per pack

  • Door, window & house frame fitting and levelling
  • Shop fitting
  • Furniture levelling
  • Floor & ceiling joists
  • Partitioning
  • Cabinetry & joinery
  • Door hinge packing
  • Packaging
Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
3.2 2052 25

Hardboard Standard

Evowood, formally Masonite®, Hardboard Standard is a high density product offering excellent machining and working properties. It can be shaped, bent, is impact resistant and will not split, splinter or crack. Hardboard Standard provides an ideal base for paint finishing.

  • Shopfitting
  • Storage solutions
  • Cupboard door backings
  • Wall and ceiling linings
  • Acoustic treatment for screens, walls and ceilings
  • Temporary repairs
Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
3.2 1830 1220
3.2 2440 1220
3.2 2745 1220
3.2 3660 1220
4.8 1830 1220
4.8 2440 1220
4.8 2745 1220
4.8 3660 1220

Hardboard Tempered

Evowood, , formally Masonite®,  brand Hardboard Tempered exhibits identical physical properties as Hardboard Standard but possesses superior qualities of hardness and water resistance.

  • Shopfitting
  • Storage solutions
  • Cupboard door backings
  • Wall/ceiling linings
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Where moisture resistance is necessary
  • Stage floors
Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
4.8 1830 1220
4.8 1830 1220
6.4 2745 1220

Hardboard White Pegboard

Evowood, formally Masonite®,  perforated hardboard panel used in the domestic, retail and shopfitting industries. Pegboard is a highly adaptable product and is fully supported with a wide range of system-driven hooks and shelving accessories. Safe to cut and machine, Pegboard is highly durable and has a smooth surface pre-coated with a matt white undercoat.

  • Shopfitting
  • Storage solutions
  • Cupboard doors
  • Wall and ceiling linings
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Cupboard door backings
Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
3.2 1830 915
4.8 1830 1220
4.8 2745 1220

Hardboard Underlay

Evowood, formally Masonite®, Hardboard Underlay is used to improve the life of resilient floor coverings. Safe and minimises subfloor movement, easy to cut and offering greater stapling capacities, it complies with the Australian Standards for resiliant flooring and is recommended by leading vinyl manufacturers.
Note: 5 sheets per bundle

  • Strip timber
  • Concrete
  • Particleboard
  • Plywood floors
  • Base for floor surfaces
Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
5.0 1220 915